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Which Comes Out On Top? Wood or Rubber Mulch? Find the Safest and Longest Lasting!

On the playground, we all know that rubber mulch is far safer than wood mulch, but who wins when the two are utilized in landscaping?

This is dependent on the types of benefits you want. Rubber mulch improves soil drainage and provides good protection against the elements. It also permits the soil to keep a higher amount of heat while still maintaining its moisture levels. Wood mulch, on the other hand, can cause plants to become hungry. As wood chip mulch decomposes, it provides long-term advantages to soil, but it is heavy in carbon, which seeks out nitrogen to help it break down into the soil. It basically steals food from the plants it is supposed to protect in this way.

We may have another issue to discuss because most individuals mulch their lawns for aesthetic reasons, they appreciate the new hue. Wood mulch fades over time so the vibrant red and brown hues that greet you when you open the bag rapidly fade to shades of dull, unappealing brown.

Financing available for rubber mulch

It can take up to four years for a treated piece of wood mulch to disintegrate and become part of the soil. If you use wood mulch, you've added four layers of mulch to the one that's decaying during this time. Each layer is vying for nitrogen to aid in the breakdown. When it comes to who wins the nitrogen battle between plants and mulch, mulch comes out on top.

If you use colored wood mulch, you'll have to remove it every year because it ultimately gets too deep and starts to harm plants and trees. However, if you remove it every year, the soil will never benefit because it will never have a chance to break down.

One final issue to consider. Much of the country is experiencing drought, and water is scarce. Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch does not absorb water. You may save up to 30% on water by using rubber mulch in your landscape.

Make the transition to 100% recycled rubber mulch, and you won't have to mulch for the next ten years. Enjoy your yard and spend less time working in it because life is too short!

Please contact River City Play Systems for more information on the advantages of rubber mulch!

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