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Space Savers - Small Swing Sets for Small Yards

Swing sets and other outdoor play equipment may inspire children to be active and creative during their playtime, and purchasing a swing set can bring the excitement of the playground to your own backyard.

At River City Play Systems, we believe that every kid should have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of swinging on a swing set. We recognize, however, that certain yards are insufficient for the majority of play sets, which can be large and widespread. We have a range of Playground One swing sets made exclusively for small yards to help families in these situations.

For smaller yards, our Space Saver backyard playgrounds are ideal. They're not only as much fun as a full set, but they also have a lot of the same features.

Visit our Schertz showroom (located just outside San Antonio) or call us at (210) 660-6732 and we'll show you what makes River City Play Systems the leader in backyard fun.

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