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Kid being safe falling in rubber mulch.

Commercial Playground Surfacing

Children make some of their fondest memories while running, jumping, swinging, climbing, and imagining new adventures on the neighborhood playground. When a violent fall onto the play area results in a fractured bone, head injury, or unpleasant scratch, traumatic memories are created. Rubber mulch, for example, is an excellent play surface material that can considerably lessen any injuries your child may experience.

Rubber mulch, unlike wood mulch/chips, pea gravel, and sand, does not compact or harden when used frequently. It won't blow away in strong winds or float away during heavy rainstorms, and it'll stay put to keep your child secure. Rubber mulch has been evaluated as an appropriate loose full surfacing medium for residential and commercial playgrounds by organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) because it provides excellent fall protection when compared to other materials.

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