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Swing Mats - Buy Rubberific Swing Mats at River City Play Systems - Less Wear on Your Yard - River City Play Systems

Swing Mats - Buy Rubberific Swing Mats at River City Play Systems - Less Wear on Your Yard

Our Rubberific Swing Mats' lifespan is only surpassed by their adaptability and effectiveness. These durable 32" x 54" mats are two inches thick and include a beveled edge for a clean and completed look. Rubberific Mats are commonly used beneath swings and slides in the playground, where loose-fill mulch is frequently kicked out by lively children. These mats stay put, keep kids safe, and require very little care.

When swing sets sit on rubber mulch, wood mulch, or grass wear and tear can occur. Typically under the swings and slides you'll find dead grass, low spots in the mulch, and general erosion.

A backyard walkway, patio, suitable inside floor for a home gym, or any other application requiring a sturdy, non-slip surface can be created with many mats. Environmentally friendly materials have been approved by the EPA. As a bonus Rubberific Swing Mats are made in the United States of America.

Contact a playground surfacing expert at River City Play Systems today for assistance!

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