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BERG Buzzy Red/Black (Age 2-5) - River City Play Systems

BERG Buzzy Red/Black (Age 2-5)

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The BERG Buzzy offers outstanding stability because to its four wheels. Tricycles are less stable since they contain one fewer wheel. A tricycle's center of gravity is near to the tilt line, which is the line connecting the front and rear wheels. Riding a tricycle violently or quickly around turns can easily lead it to flip over, along with its passenger. The Buzzy's tilt line is substantially more outwards and away from the center of gravity because it has four wheels.
Unlike a tricycle, the Buzzy's pedals and handlebars can be operated individually. This guarantees that the pedals do not move while steering and that the feet are always firmly on the pedals. Riding and steering have no effect on each other, making riding on the Buzzy much more enjoyable. Because the pedals and handlebars on a tricycle are linked, a lot of energy is lost in the motion of the handlebars when starting. Because the pedals and handlebars of a Buzzy are not connected, the energy expended while pedaling is instantly transferred into forward movement of the Buzzy.

This high-tech foam is the ideal substitute for the traditional rubber inner and outer tires on the BERG Buzzy. The tires are just as robust as typical rubber tires, but without the risk of a flat tire, thanks to the proper composition. The tires are also quite quiet when driving, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use."

  • The tricycle with 4-wheel stability
  • 4-wheel stability beats any tricycle
  • Stable and safe with four wheels. Including a swing axle
  • The pedals stay easily accessible while steering
  • The handlebar won’t shoot out of your hands while pedalling
  • Equipped with 9” EVA whisper tyres that never leak
  • Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old
  • Sleek and attractive design with an active seat
  • The direct drive system makes pedalling intuitive, easy and fast
  • Can ride both forwards and backwards
  • The pedals stay easily accessible while steering
  • Robust frame
  • Stable and safe thanks to 4 wheels
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Handy and fun accessories available
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