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Years of Carefree Enjoyment with BERG Go Karts - River City Play Systems

Years of Carefree Enjoyment with BERG Go Karts

Which of the go-karts is your favorite? Is it a go-kart that you can race around in as quickly as possible? A go-kart with which you may leisurely explore the neighborhood? Or a go-kart from a reputable tractor or automobile manufacturer? We, at River City Play Systems, offer BERG Pedal Go-Karts because BERG designs and manufactures beautiful and safe go-karts that every child fantasizes about. At River City Play Systems we believe it is critical for youngsters to be able to enjoy themselves while playing outside. Our go-karts are of exceptional quality and will provide you, and your children with years of enjoyment!

What is the Difference Between the Go-Karts?

From the GO2 (10 months +) to the E-BFR (6 years +), BERG provides a wide range of go-karts for both young and old. You must first determine your child's height before purchasing a go-kart. When you compare it to the heights listed for the various go-karts, you'll have a decent idea of which one is best for your youngster!

Is it True that Go-Karting is Only for Boys? No Way!

Whoever says go-karting is solely for boys is completely incorrect! For both boys and girls, there are a variety of go-karts to pick from. The BERG GO2 comes in three different colors for the small ones. Buzzy, Reppy, Buddy, and Rally come in a variety of forms for both boys and girls. Pink go-karts, such as the Buzzy Bloom and Buddy Lua, are also available.

BFR, BFR-3, E-BFR, E-BFR-3, and XXL-BFR. What exactly does that all mean?

You can choose from 4 different frames for the larger BERG Go-Karts (children 5 years and up.) There is something for everyone, so it all depends on your preferences.

The BFR system, which stands for Brake, Freewheel, and Reverse, is standard on all large BERG go-karts. You can therefore use the pedals to select whether you want to travel forward or backward in any large BERG Go-Kart. The BFR-3 system is the same mechanism but with three gears. The addition of three gears makes pedaling much easier. In a BERG go-kart with gears, hills, slopes, and uneven surfaces are even easier to navigate.

The XXL-BFR system is the same BFR technology as before, but on a longer and more durable frame. The seat is changeable in eight settings instead of six on the standard BFR model. This allows even taller folks to go-karting. In addition, the XXL-BFR system has a stronger frame than the BFR go-karts. The E-BFR mechanism is aided by electricity. The motor will assist you more if you pedal harder. The pedal assist allows youngsters as young as six years old to attain speeds of up to ten miles per hour!

Add a SWEET Trailer to Your Go-Kart!

Adding a trailer to your go-kart makes it much more enjoyable! Children enjoy going on trips and bringing along extra equipment in a trailer. A picnic basket, extra toys, and a survival kit will all fit in the trailer! When kids ride in a trailer behind their go-kart, the possibilities are infinite. Almost all of our go-karts have matching trailers. There's also an awesome cover for the big trailer to keep everything dry. The cover's windows may be pulled up to provide extra vision, allowing you to double-check that everything in the trailer is in working order. And it doesn't matter whether it rains because all of our trailers are waterproof. So don't be alarmed if it begins raining unexpectedly! Take a look at all of the trailers we have available.

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