Why choose River City Play Systems for your backyard playset?

Why Purchase a Playset from River City Play Systems

Why choose River City Play Systems for your backyard playset?Get the best deals on backyard playgrounds

Why should you choose to purchase a playset from River City Play Systems instead of the competition? (Online, Home Depot, Lowes, Rainbow, Amazon)

Full Service - From the time you contact or visit us until your kids go to college we'll be here to assist when needed! We offer the following to all of our clients:

  1. Friendly Sales Staff: We're here to help you find the perfect backyard playground! We make sure to find a play system that fits your needs and wants, your budget, and your available yard space.
  2. Full Installation: We offer installation on all of the products we sell! In most cases installation will take no longer than one day. Our team of professional playground builders will make to get the job done correctly, ensuring your children have a safe swing set that will last!
  3. Solutions For Every Yard: We can install a playground in ANY yard! We offer small yard solutions, sloped yard solutions, and can custom build a playground for space at no additional cost.

Transparent Warranty - No tricks and no gimmicks with our industry leading, transparent warranty! Our warranty is simple to understand and requires no upkeep from the buyer. Rainbow, as well as our other competitors require costly routine staining or the warranty will be voided.

  1. 10 Years on Lumber: No stain stipulations here, 2 years on all of our other components. Rainbow, by example, will void your warranty if you don't keep up with routine staining AND they still charge you for freight!
  2. River City Play System additionally covers, at no cost to you, the shipping and freight on any/all approved warranty parts!

Quality of Lumber - Playground One Playgrounds from River City Play Systems uses cedar, which is known for its natural strength and durability!

  1. We use center cut cedar construction on our playgrounds which is naturally resistant to decay and rot, resistant to pest infestations, and doesn't require unsafe treatments.
  2. We use MASSIVE solid beam construction on our playgrounds. 4x4 and 4x6 lumber paired with interlocking multi-beam joint construction reduces sway, creates less stress on hardware which leads to less maintenance!
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