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The Best Trampolines

Would you like to mix up your home workout routine or provide your kids with a fun activity they can do with their friends? River City Play Systems' trampolines might be exactly what you're looking for.

Jumping on trampolines is not only entertaining, but it is also benificial to your health. Jumping on a trampoline is beneficial to both children and adults. Regular exercise, such as trampoline jumping can raise your heart rate and enhance your cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, it is less strenuous on your joints than high-impact workouts such as running or jogging. Jumping on trampolines helps young children improve gross motor abilities. Trampolines will add to the excitement of a younger child's backyard birthday party, while also making everyday more fun!

How to Pick a Trampoline

Trampolines exist in a variety of sizes and forms, and some have additional safety measures such as an enclosed net. At River City Play Systems, we only sell the best, and we've found that BERG Trampolines are popular with kids of all ages and fulfill our safety standards!

Take some measurements of the area where you'll install the backyard trampoline, or wherever you'll put it, before you start shopping. When it comes to round trampolines, the diameter, or the measurement across the center of the circle, is commonly used. Plan to leave at least five feet of clearance on all sides of the trampoline and around 25 feet of clearance above the trampoline for a proper safety enclosure. Don't forget to use the safety net around the perimeter for extra protection. Trampolines, whether round, rectangular, or oval, are sheer joy.

Enclosed Trampoline Nets

Trampolines with enclosed nets increase the safety for the jumpers. Enclosures are designed to keep jumpers safe while they are jumping and playing on the trampoline. Enclosures for trampolines are usually composed of netting and encircle the entire trampoline area. A trampoline ladder is another useful addition, since it allows for secure entry and exit from the trampoline surface.

Are you looking for alternative ways to spice up your backyard? Playsets, basketball goals, pedal karts, and other backyard play equipment are all available from River City Play Systems.

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