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Rent to Own Playsets and Swingsets - River City Play Systems

Rent to Own Playsets and Swingsets

Rent to Own Playsets?

So you're thinking about purchasing a playset or swing set, but you're worried about the high price tag. Unexpected events might occur at any time, and you may be hesitant to use whatever money you've set aside. Fortunately, choosing a Rent to Own agreement provides a flexible and affordable option. Here's what you need to know about rent to own playsets.

What is Rent to Own (RTO) and How Does it Work?

It's nothing more than a month-to-month renting agreement with the goal of eventual purchase. The contract manager purchases the rent to own playset you want and rents it to you on the agreed-upon conditions. You'll pick a term length that fits your budget, and once you've paid off your loan, you'll own the playset altogether. You are not bound by a long-term contract, unlike traditional finance.

How Do I Qualify?

River City Play Systems' Rent to Own program immediately approves you. We don't examine credit ratings or history to verify eligibility, so you won't need to fill out a credit application. Upon receipt of your deposit, delivery will be scheduled.

payment plans available, apply now, no credit needed

What Happens if I Am Unable to Pay?

There may be circumstances that make it difficult for you to keep up with your payments. You can cancel your rent to own playset agreement at any moment and have the swing set picked up because it is a month-to-month payment. Any payments you've made toward the transaction, however, are gone.

What is the Interest Rate?

Rent to own does not charge interest; instead, a piece of your monthly payment goes toward the purchase and a portion goes toward the playground rental price. The distinction is that you become the owner at the end of your renting period! Keep in mind that while rent to own allows you to spread out the cost of a significant purchase, you will wind up paying more than if you paid for the unit up front.

Will I be charged a fee if I pay the balance?

Certainly not! In fact, depending on your balance and payment history, a reduction may be given to the remaining payments of your rental agreement if you pay off your balance early.

Last Thoughts

For some who might otherwise believe that purchasing a backyard playset or swing set is unfeasible, Rent to Own provides a sensible payment option. You choose the plan that best fits your budget, with durations ranging from 24 to 36 months. Having your own playset IS a possibility!

Contact us at River City Play Systems to get started!

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