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Rubber Mulch or Wood Mulch - What is the Best Material For Your Swing Set's Base? - River City Play Systems

Rubber of Wood Mulch - Which is Best Under Your Swing Set?

A swing set is an excellent method to keep kids active while also encouraging them to enjoy playing. If you're thinking about purchasing a residential playset, you have a number of options, including the materials to utilize below it. Placing a softer surface beneath your fixture makes it safer for your children to enjoy the outdoors.

We at River City Play Systems have a lot of expertise distributing high-quality playgrounds, parts and components, base materials for swings sets, commonly called "surfacing." Our goal is to inspire you and your family to have active fun, and we work hard to make sure you have the resources you need to have safe, memorable experiences. Based on your family's needs, we can help you select what to put under a swing set and what materials to consider.

Two of the Best Materials for a Swing Set's Base

When you're deciding the material to utilize, there are a few things to keep in mind. Is the weather going to be dry or wet? What type of swing set do you intend to put in? When it comes to designing your play space, these questions might help you get started.

The following materials are recommended for use under a swing set by River City Play Systems:

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF): Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) has a much lighter color than standard wood since it comes from the inside of trees. EWF produces a product that is similar to mulch when compressed. It's a really cost-effective option, and many playset owners use it on a regular basis.

Rubber Mulch: Because of its nontoxic surface and long life span, rubber mulch is one of the best materials to put under a swing set. Rubber Mulch, unlike traditional mulch, is moisture resistant, making it ideal for use in outdoor play areas.

We endeavor to produce environmentally friendly surfaces that you can be proud of. As a result, all of our flooring is natural or recycled.

Purchase Swing Set Mulch that is both safe and dependable

We strive to be the most informed and trustworthy leaders in the playground industry at River City Play Systems. Look through our broad selection of swing set ground surfaces to discover the perfect fit for your space.

Contact us immediately for answers to any of your swing set installation questions.

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