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What Makes BERG Champion the Undefeated Trampoline?

The BERG AirFlow Jumping Mat Provides Less Resistance

Higher jumps imply higher enjoyment. The AirFlow method was created to allow you to accomplish higher jumps. When compared to a regular jumping mat, this one allows for 50% greater air permeation. Because good airflow reduces resistance while leaping, you can perform higher jumps. Only the BERG Champion and BERG Elite models have the AirFlow product innovation.

With TwinSpring Gold, You Have a Bigger Jumping Surface

The ideal jump area is that portion of the jump mat that provides the finest jumping experience. When you jump outside of this area, you will feel as though you are being pushed towards the trampoline's center. TwinSpring Gold Springs are mounted in the shape of a "V" on trampolines. When compared to trampolines with a traditional spring, this allows for a greater perfect jump area.

Another benefit? The TwinSpring Gold's inclined location allows the springs to be longer without affecting the jump mat's size. As a result, the trampoline is safer and more enjoyable to use!

UV-Resistant PVC Padding With Extra Long Life

The Champion's cushioning is UV-resistant. Because of the high material and precise workmanship, the edge is extremely durable. The BERG Champion's protecting edge is extremely safe because to its thickness of 30 mm and width of 380 mm. The protecting edge lasts an extra long time thanks to the thick PVC top and bottom layers.

Extra Sturdy Frame For Added Protection

The Champion trampolines' frame has a very long lifespan. Because of the enormous diameter of 42 mm and the 2 mm wall thickness, this is the case. In addition, the frame of the Regular trampolines is protected by a thick zinc coating, while the frame of the Deluxe trampolines is protected by a durable black powder coat. As a result, the frame is extremely corrosion resistant.


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