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Buying a Pedal Go-Kart Guide - River City Play Systems

Buying a Pedal Go-Kart Guide

When buying a pedal go-kart, what should you check for? A pedal go-kart is made specifically for its surroundings: racing through the neighborhood, playing on the farm, and so on. With so many options, you might need some assistance, and River City Play Systems is here to help!

When purchasing a BERG Pedal Go-Kart from River City Play Systems, we have some helpful hints for you. Every youngster, regardless of age, can ride in a BERG Pedal Go-Kart that is the correct size for them. Which Pedal Go-Kart is right for you?

Go-Karts for Children Age 10 to 30 months

The BERG GO2 is our smallest go-kart, designed for kids aged 10 to 30 months. But don't dismiss this teeny-tiny go-kart. Your toddler will learn to ride or pedal much faster on this go-kart! In a nutshell, it's a two-for-one deal. To begin, you can fold the pedals up so that your child can ride. The BERG GO2 is designed so that your child may use it as a push car without the pedals or the back wheels getting in the way. When your child is ready for the following stage, lower the pedals. After that, your little one can ride around on the BERG GO2.

Go-Karts for Children Age 2 to 5

Here you can see all of the BERG Buzzy pedal go-karts for kids starting at the age of two. On this small pedal go-kart, your youngster will learn to pedal for the first time. The BERG Buzzy pedal go-kart comes in a variety of colorful colors and styles, including the BERG Buzzy Racing and the supercool yellow BERG Buzzy.

Go-Karts for Children Age 3 to 8

The BERG Buddy pedal go-kart is slightly larger than the BERG Buzzy and is recommended for youngsters aged 3 and up. Because of the various colors and themes, there is a BERG Buddy to fit every youngster.

Go-Karts for Children Age 4 to 12

The BERG Rally is a tiny vehicle designed for youngsters aged 4 to 12. This light pedal go-kart is perfect for cruising about the neighborhood or driving through the park's meandering roads. Thanks to the adjustable seat and steering wheel, this pedal go-kart will grow with you!

Go-Karts for Children Age 5 to 99 (The Big Ones)

The world is at your feet once you've grown older and wiser. That holds true in the world of pedal go-karts as well. Each BERG Go-kart comes in four different models: BFR, BFR-3, XXL-BFR, and E-BFR. There are many different colors and themes to choose from.

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