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In-Ground Basketball Hoops... What to Look For?

Install a permanent basketball hoop on your driveway by putting in an in-ground basketball hoop system. Choose a system that will hold up your game year after year and is strong and resistant to the weather.

Before you buy an in-ground basketball system, think about the following details.

Look for height-adjustment options on your system so that you can play with your kids and make the system fit them as they grow. The height of in-ground basketball systems ranges from 6 - 10 feet. Strong anchor bolt mounting systems make it easy to level your hoop when you put it up. Backboards for basketball hoops should be made of strong materials like acrylic, or glass. A backboard made of tempered glass a powder-coated finish protects against moisture, heat, and cold for a long time and gives great rebounding during play. Choose a backboard that won't break if you want to feel safe even during the most intense games you play at home, and look for graphics that won't fade.

Choose a hoop with a square pole, that has stadium-style padding for a professional look and extra protection. If your in-ground basketball hoop doesn't come with padding, you might want to buy some. Think about what the rim is made of. Most of the time, a steel rim can handle more aggressive play. If you need a new rim for your basket, you can look at all basketball rims.
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