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BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)
BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)
BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)
BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)
Load image into Gallery viewer, BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)
Load image into Gallery viewer, BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)
Load image into Gallery viewer, BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)
Load image into Gallery viewer, BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)

BERG Buddy Blue (Age 3-8)

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You'll have the most exciting adventures with your BERG Buddy! This amazing go-kart is both steady and secure. Even while turning tight bends, you will stay securely on the ground. With this fantastic go-kart, you may explore the world! You won't have to be concerned about anything throughout your trips because the BERG Buddy meets all safety standards. The BFR-system allows you to effortlessly go tearing around. The BERG Buddy will grow with you, ensuring that you enjoy fun for a long time. The BERG Buddy will provide you with years of outdoor enjoyment. This go-kart has a strong metal frame that can withstand a lot of abuse. In addition, the adjustable seat in the BERG Buddy allows you to find the perfect position. The BERG Buddy is outfitted with the patented BFR-system. BFR is an acronym that stands for Break, Freewheel, and Reverse. The BFR-system allows you to brake with the pedals but also reverse instantly after stopping. The BERG Buddy has outstanding stability because to its four wheels. They enable you to turn swiftly, sharply, and safely. A swing axle is also included with the BERG Buddy. This causes the front wheels to swing back and forth, absorbing road imperfections. As a result, the BERG Buddy remains firmly planted to the ground. A secure solution! The pneumatic tires on the BERG Buddy. These tires offer decreased rolling resistance and allow for significantly lighter pedaling. This enhances the ride's smoothness and speed. On the BERG Buddy, these tires provide an extremely comfortable ride.

About this item:

  • The BERG Buddy will give you years of outdoor fun. This go-kart has a robust metal frame that can take a beating. Also, the adjustable seat allows you to get into the ideal position in the BERG Buddy.
  • The BERG Buddy is equipped with the unique, patented BFR-system. BFR stands for: Break, Freewheel and Reverse. The BFR-system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill.
  • Thanks to its four wheels, the BERG Buddy has excellent stability. They allow you to take corners quickly, sharply and safely. The BERG Buddy also has a swing axle. This creates a swinging motion of the front wheels as a result of which bumps in the road are absorbed. Consequently, the BERG Buddy remains firmly on the ground. A safe solution!

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