The Playground One Difference

"Don't be fooled! The best and safest materials make a difference"

Pacific Cedar - Known for its strength and durability

  1. Naturally resistant to decay and rot
  2. Resistant to pest infestations and fungus
  3. Does not require harmful or unsafe treatments
  4. Used to build fencing, decking, ships and homes

Massive Solid Beam Construction - Resists warping and cracking

  1. No layers of vague species of wood glued together
  2. No unidentified wood wrapped in plastic that holds in moisture
  3. Substantially reduces twisting and cracking
  4. No hollow spots to decrease the integrity of the solid beam

Interlocking Multi-Beam Joint Construction - Reduces any type of dangerous sway

  1. Bolts are strategically positioned to ensure stability at every angle
  2. Creates less stress on hardware
  3. Less maintenance
  4. More peace of mind

Oxidized Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware - No rust to cut or scrape kids

  1. Three step process ensures rust and corrosion free fasteners throughout
  2. Will not flake and "self repairs from scratches"
  3. Aesthetically pleasing year after year
  4. Half inch diameter bolts